Your investment is working. Read more about how!

by Molly Cantrell-Kraig on December 26, 2012

It’s working.

The stabilizing effect of transportation is making a real impact in the lives of women and children and we have you to thank.

You are helping her transition from poverty to prosperity!

We awarded our first car in February of 2012 to a woman who had been living in a homeless shelter with her children in May of 2011. Since then, she has held a job and moved to an independent apartment, but that’s not all…

In July of this year, she was able to remove an abusive person from her life, because our existence proved that someone was willing to invest in her. She did not have to rely on another person for something as essential as transportation. We are considered a formal support by her caseworker team, and with their help, our participant will continue to move forward in her life.

We expanded our efforts by awarding a car in a second Iowa county through a joint partnership with the Iowa State Extension Office and the Sisters of Humility in Scott County. We currently have a third car awaiting a candidate.Your continued financial support is crucial in keeping our growing fleet “on the road” and in service to these women who have made the choice to leave a life on welfare.

Over the year prior, we were also lucky enough to be invited to attend the premier episode of The Ricki Lake Show in Los Angeles, CA as part of the Friends of Ricki community. The show’s focus was online interactions and experiences that have an effect in the real world. We were able to meet some wonderful people and forge some strong partnerships that will help women in Iowa gain their independence.


Through our research of the activity across our social media profiles (twitter and facebook), combined with the requests for assistance and establishing chapters elsewhere that arrive through our website, we have determined that a national need exists for what we started here in Iowa. As a result, we are currently in talks to move our headquarters to Chicago, IL.

Through this move, our goal is to grow and learn in an area that has a concentrated capacity to help WWDF scale in a more cohesive manner. We will continue to maintain our commitment to women and children in Iowa, using the lessons learned in Chicago to provide solutions for communities in both states, with an eye toward scaling nationally. To learn more about our Chicago initiative and how you can help, please send an email to us here at and put “CHICAGO UPDATE” in the subject line.

The number one reason welfare to work programs fail is a lack of reliable transportation.

Because WWDF provides that vital missing element in collaboration with other private and public agencies that address the other parts of creating self-sufficiency, we serve a vital need in helping women move from poverty to prosperity.

Your continued financial support helps us to strategically invest in women who have taken ownership of their choices and are ready to change their lives. We operate on the “starfish principle:” what may seem to be small investments in individuals have far-reaching effects that ripple across generations.┬áCaring people like you make a difference. Tax deductible donations may be made through our secure server by clicking here.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission. Your commitment has a positive effect in the lives of others. We look forward to helping even more women in 2013!

Sincere regards,



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